Throughout its 55-year history, the Arc of Blackstone Valley developed its housing and real estate portfolio as a means of delivering its services. The Arc developed property to house its community-based programs and its staff. Over the years, it acquired and developed residential property to support the individuals in its programs.

As the Arc grew, so did its real estate development. In 2006, the senior management of the Arc recognized the complexity and the extensive expertise needed to successfully develop real estate. To address this, it formed Blackstone Valley Development Corporation (BVDC). BVDC was created to manage the Arc's existing real estate and work with local non-profits as well as federal and state agencies and municipalities. Working with these partners, BVDC develops affordable mixed-use and mixed-income housing for adults with disabilities, the elderly, veterans and others.

BVDC is also actively developing housing projects, including new construction, the rehabilitation of existing affordable housing and the transformation of old mills and other properties into new housing stock. (Complete list of BVDC projects). BVDC has amassed the expertise to execute the most complex affordable housing project and has developed a reputation as a trusted partner.

About The Arc

The Arc of Blackstone Valley, created in 1955, is the principle service organization for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities’ in the Blackstone Valley area. The agency currently employs approximately 300 individuals and serves close to 500 adults who consist of residents of the Arc's properties and consumers of supportive services.

The programs and services available to the Arc's consumers are designed to teach skills to persons with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities and provide opportunities for the use of those skills in the community. Each individual is assisted in learning to make decisions and take responsibility for his or her own life. The organization works to educate the community about the abilities and potential of individuals with these disabilities.

Primary Services provided by the Arc to its consumers and families include residential and family services, as well as advocacy, vocational, housing and recreational programs. These services are provided to nearly 500 people through over 30 programs, both residential and day, that operate throughout the organizations service area. These operations include three day program locations and seven community-based retail businesses that employ individuals with disabilities.